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S. Freimuth

Problems with your knees on your bike …

After knee surgeries on both sides and pain when bending the knee caused by a severe Baker’s cyst pain-free biking wasn’t possible anymore for Sigrid Freimuth from Gotha. The so-called Baker’s cyst is a disease of the knee joint – an eversion of the articular capsule at the knee joint. This can lead to a swelling, a great deal of pain and numbness in the whole shank. With this condition normal leg movements are not possible without pain.

… are a thing of the past with BIUS1.

Mrs Freimuth relies on our BIUS1 pedal – and is happy that she can, by using BIUS1, once again ride her bike without pain even on long trips: „I want to inform you that I am very pleased with the pedals you developed. After having surgery on both knees and pain when bending them (Baker’s cyst) biking was almost impossible. By using BIUS1 pedals I can now ride my bike without any pain even on longer trips and this improved my mobility a lot.

“This positive customer’s reaction confirms that we – with our BIUS pedal – are on the right track. This is exactly what we want: Giving Bike enthusiasts a pain-free, joint-friendly and natural movement so that the fun lasts a long time and doesn’t cause any damages at the joints. Mrs Freimuth is excited and writes: „I am totally happy that there’s a great invention like this and that I am lucky for getting these. Thanks!“ We say “Thank you” and are glad that Mrs Freimuth can now ride her bike without pain.