Why BIUS pedals?

The large joints of the human body are defined by three axis of movement. This results in an three dimensional moving pattern. The BIUS bike pedal is the world's first pedal to allow this movement. Because of the ergonomically and biomechanically optimized movement of the leg it prevents pain in the knees and the feet from going to sleep. This leads to one result: problems with your knees when biking are a thing of the past.

See and learn - where?

Get to know our unique BIUS pedal and give us the chance to convince you of the quality and innovation of our product. Visit us at our headquarters in Jena or at the next even, use our online shop oder learn more about it in our video section - we're looking forward to it.

Video section

BIUS1 took the Silver medal – As  German representatives and part of the Thuringian section the Bioconform GmbH took …

Find Store

You love the concept and can't wait to try out one of our BIUS pedals? You want to learn more about it or switch to the BIUS pedals system and now you need a bike store that offers our products? Get them at one of the following stores and find the one closest to you.


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